Guide to Using Sarms For BodyBuilding

Have you been working out but your muscles are not showing any change? Ever thought of a way to change that? How about I help you change that. We are going to look into one of the safest supplements that will make those muscles grow as you work out.


SARMS full name is Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators. When you use SARMS they attach to your androgen receptors. They cause a reaction in your DNA that will make your muscles to grow. They come in pill and liquid form. All over the world, they have gained attraction from people who love fitness. It is the best alternative to the other supplements.


Researchers thought it as a likely treatment for sexual dysfunction, multiple sclerosis, osteoporosis, cancer, Alzheimer’s disease and, muscle wasting among others. They solve hormone imbalance issues as they alter the functioning of the DNA by using a therapy known as post cycle. SARMS are administered in between cycles. Some studies have also done clinical trials on SARMS as a potential treatment for testosterone replacement, osteoporosis treatment and, muscle wasting remedy. The studies believe that it creates anabolic and hypertrophic reactions in the bone and the muscle.


Unlike steroids which have a lot of side effects including death if you have underlying cardiovascular abnormalities. SARMS on the other hand, are much safer. Steroid use comes with different side effects including:

  • It leads to higher chance of suffering liver damage and tumors
  • It raises blood pressure
  • For men it causes low sperm count
  • It leads to infertility
  • It affects the growth of testicles often making them reduce in size
  • It makes the tendons tear up easily
  • It leads to loss of hair


There are different types of SARMS that you should try if you are looking for that good body or muscle shape. Examples are:

Ostarine (Enobosarm, MK2866, S22)

Ostarine is a SARM drug that is considered the safest and that has minimal side effects available in the market. Most studies that have been done have proven that Ostarine has numerous benefits such as, being a remedy for wasting muscles disease. If you are looking for good results in your workouts then Ostarine should be your number one preference. It is able to make you gain mass, reduce weight and, increase bone mass.

LGD 4033

LGD 4033 works just like Ostarine but is much stronger. It regulates and develops the reproductive and immune systems in the body. If you are looking for that huge body mass the LGD 4033 will be very effective for you as a bodybuilder. It is also great for a person with an interest in fitness.

MK677 Nutrobal

This type of SARM is known as a growth hormone secretagogue meaning that this drug can ensure stimulation of the growth hormone in the body.
MK677 Nutrobal gives your body a lot of benefits which includes:

  • Enhancing your appetite
  • Ensuring good quality of sleep
  • Reduces that chubby look as a result of body fat as it loosens the fat
  • It ensures faster tissue recovery
  • Build muscle mass in your body



This type of SARM is very effective in shrinking body fat. Additionally, it makes the body have a lot of endurance which is very necessary when working out as fitness.
SR9009-Stenabolic is not hormonal. Therefore, it is highly recommended to be used by bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts anytime.


S-4-Andarine is useful in the treatment of ailments that are related to the prostate. It also helps in reducing body fat and ensuring an increase in bodily strength. This type of SARMS works well for those bodybuilders aiming to achieve lean muscle mass. Moreover, it is normally administered in a dosage ranging from 25mg to 100mg per day.


If you want to get an amazing body, try RAD140-Testolone.
It is very strong unlike the other SARMS mentioned above. RAD140-Testolone was made purposefully to work in replacement therapy. RAD140-Testolone will enable you to achieve that strength, bone mass and, muscle mass that you are working out for. It is normally taken in dosages of 10-20 mg per day.

SARMS are important in bodybuilding and body fitness. Its great functions enable enthusiasts to gain more muscles in their bodies, reduce buildup fats and, increase the density of bones. SARMS does not have serious side effects, despite it affecting a lot of changes in the body, it has a 10:1 anabolic to androgenic ratio. They are highly bioavailable making them very effective to absorb and to utilize inside the body. If you are looking for the safest supplements to help fasten that body change you are looking for, then SARMS should be your number one choice. It guarantees effectiveness, plus it doesn’t have a lot of side effects.

Please note that any SARMS are not recommended for human consumption, they are for research purposes only.



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The Benefits of Using MK 677 In BodyBuilding

What is Nutrobal MK 677 SARM?

Selective androgen receptor modulators (SARMs), are increasingly becoming popular in the world of bodybuilding, and for a good reason. They can not only replicate the kinds of gains achieved by cycling anabolic steroids and prohormones, but also eliminate the negative and sometimes extreme side effects that come from using these substances.

SARMs are often likened to the often desirable middle ground between pain and gain, which is a sentiment that’s reiterated a lot with the Nutrobal MK 677 SARM. In this post, you will learn everything you need to know about the product.

What is MK-677?

The MK-677 is a GH releasing hormone, or a GH secretagogue, that helps in the development of the body. When taken for a 12-week cycle, it can help to improve your mood and retain muscles more effectively. It also improves the sleep cycle, boosts metabolism, and helps reduce fats more effectively.

It’s known as a powerful selective antagonist to the Ghrelin receptor, and it camouflages the hormone’s function and stimulates its activation. Aside from muscle development, MK-677 has some wide-ranging properties.

It’s an excellent skin detoxifier and great for escalated hair growth. It helps in the speedy recovery of muscle tissues and prevent them from wastage and injury. Moreover, clinical studies have evaluated the product as a potential treatment for degenerative bone disorders. Plus, it also helps to regulate the release of the human growth hormone, and it lowers the potent deficiencies related to its production.

Generally speaking, it’s important to consume the supplement in the right dosages to minimize the side effects. Combining your consumption with a nutritious dietary plan could help to catalyze the complete bulking cycle.

How Does the Iburamoren MK-677 Work?

The supplement works on the principle of selective androgen binding. The SARM compound is orally active and serves as an antagonist to the Gherlin hormone. The stomach releases this hormone (also called the hunger hormone) with an increase in the hunger levels. When it binds with the Growth Hormone Secretagogue Receptor (GHS-R), the hormone is responsible for boosting appetite.

As the growth hormone and the growth factor production in the body increases, the fat stored in the body is burned more efficiently and effectively. As such, you may see a dramatic decrease in the amount of fat content in your thigh and belly area. Nutrobal also helps to make your skin glow and reduce any hair fall.

The MK-677 SARM increases the growth hormone pulse intensity through 4 main mechanisms:

· Blocking the signaling of the somatostatin receptor

· Limiting the release of the GH-inhibitor somatostatin

· Inducing the release of GHRH in ample quantities

· Enhances the signaling of GHRH specifically the somatrophs located in the anterior pituitary gland

The amount of growth hormones released by the SARM will depend on the size of daily doses taken, though clinical trials have demonstrated that daily doses of as little as 5mg will result in a positive effect.

Uses of Nutrobal MK 677

Originally, MK 677 was intended for use in combating health issues like osteoporosis, muscle atrophy/loss, and obesity. During its clinical trials, it was found to be very expedient in bodybuilding, as it induces substantial increase in lean muscle mass. The SARM was also found to increase IGF-1 serum levels in the body.

A significant part of its usefulness comes from its action against the release of somatostatin, which it effectively combats by not only inhibiting its secretion, but also slowing the effects significantly. The SARM also boosts the production of GHRH in the body and simultaneously induces larger releases of the growth hormone.

The result is that there has been a number of positive results of lean muscle gain of up to 6lbs in just 8 weeks of painless MK 677 usage. As an oral-only alternative to costly SARM injections, like the IGF-1, it has become one of the most sought after SARMs in the bodybuilding community.

Can MK 677 Help Gain Muscle Mass?

The short answer is MK 677 can be used to build muscle mass and to create more defined muscles. Clinical reports have shown that SARM can help boost the levels of IGF-1 in the body by up to 89%. And aside from inducing significant muscle gain, SARM has been shown to:

· Speed up the healing process for bodily injuries

· Tighten up areas of loose skin all around the body

· Help keep ligaments, bones, and tendons in great health

· Improve the oxidation of fat in the body and thereby trigger significant weight loss

How to Use Nutrobal MK 677

The manufacturer recommends that users go through the prescription details very carefully before use. Every pack of the supplement will outline the right dosage.

Still, your daily dose should ideally not exceed 20 mg. You could take a maximum of 10 mg daily, before breakfast and during dinner time on an empty stomach. The reason behind the dosage limits is that the product could lead to lethargy, and it’s not suitable for consumption during the morning hours. Ideally, you should continue taking the dosage for about 8 to 12 weeks.

Fact is, you can consume a mild dose of 10 to 15mg before dinner since the supplement has some really effective sleep-inducing properties. All in all, it’s wise to keep the dosage minimal to prevent the occurrence of side effects.

Iburamoren (MK-677) Side Effects

Some potential side effects of using the product include:

· The product might lead to water retention in muscle tissues in case it’s consumed in high doses

· You might feel lethargic throughout the day in case you exceed the recommended dosage

· It may lead to an increase in appetite

· Numbness in the hands should be expected

· Anyone prone to prolactin sides should stay away from this SARM

· While Iburamoren (MK-677) is quite effective as a SARM, its usefulness fades compared to HGH, which generally offers a much higher boost in growth hormone concentrations

Final Thoughts

Although Iburamoren MK 677 is in its nascent stages, it’s definitely worth consideration by anyone looking for an efficient and respectable SARM with minimal side effects. It’s completely safe for beginners and professionals, and it won’t affect other hormones like testosterone, cortisol, and thyroxine. However, it’s still wise to seek medical advice before use and to never exceed the recommended dosage.


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