Beyond Big
2 DVD Set


(As of March 2004)


Height 5'9"
Weight (offseason) 310 (Contest) 260
Chest: 60"
Arms: 25 in. pumped & 24 in. cold
Calves: 23"
Thighs: 33"
Waist: 31 in - 34 in. depending on time of year (in season or off season)

Birthdate: 11/23/72

Vitals: Engaged to -- Mary Burke-Hollibaugh
Parents: Larry and Geneva Hollibaugh
Brothers: Randy, Scott
Sisters: Debbie and Traci
Children: Justin, Alyssa
Stepkids: Triston, Hanna and Katie Bug
Grandchildren: Ryan, Alexia, Emma

Birthplace, Clarkston, WA







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