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Guest Posing

Brad is available for guest posing and special appearances. Contact him at


Garrett Downing, a friend of Brad's, guestposing at the Rocky Mountain in Spokane, WA April 2000

Guest Posing at the Wisconsin State Championships, May 2000

Guest Posing at the Oregon Ironman Naturally, May 2000

Brad and Jay Cutler guest posing at the 2000 NW Natural Bodybuilding & Fitness Championships August 12, 2000

The following photos courtesy of Mark Mason, True 2 Life Photography

Brad and Jay Cutler, NW Natural Bodybuilding & Fitness Championships, Aug 12, 2000


Brad and Dave Hughes, Gold's Classic Tacoma WA September 2, 2000


More Guest Posing

Anchorage NPC Bodybuilding Championships October, 2000

More Anchorage Guest Posing

2001 Northern Gold's Classic Guest Posing

Tribute Guest Posing at the WFNA Inland Pacific Championships in Spokane, 2001





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