Beyond Big
2 DVD Set

Custom Videos/DVDs

For those of you that are interested I can make custom DVDs or VHS tailor made for what you want to see. If you have some muscle scenerios/fantasies which you would like to see me do I would be happy to try and bring them to life for you. I can do roleplaying, strength feats, workouts, posing, lifestyle footage, etc. You write the script and I will do my best to act it out!

The footage will be approx. 60 minutes. I can go down to as little as a g-string in these videos/DVDs but I do not do any frontal nudity.

Feel free to call me at (509)263 0789 or email me at to discuss the details.

$500 plus $5.00 S|H

All photos and photography copyright © and may not be used elsewhere or replicated without the express permission of Brad Hollibaugh and credited photographers.